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Skin Tag Remover Wart Berrugas Eliminator Lcd Plasma Pen Papillomas Electric Laser Removal Freckle Dark Spot Mole Cauterizer Kit

Skin Tag Remover Wart Berrugas Eliminator Lcd Plasma Pen Papillomas Electric Laser Removal Freckle Dark Spot Mole Cauterizer Kit

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skin tag removal kit: skin tag remover

plasma: plasma pen

beauty: skin care

Weight: 132g

Type: Acne Removal Needle

Standard Voltage: 110V(不含)-220V(不含)

Size: 15*2*2Cm Plasma Pen Fibroblast For Skin Lift Wart Cauterizer Burning

Size: 15*2*2cm

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery,Electric,USB Charger

Place of Origin: China Rhodium Removal Pen Anti-Warts Remover Drum Remedy Laser Pointer

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: Wart And Polka Dot Eliminator Papilloma Remedy Laser Tattoo Removal

Material: ABS+copper needle

Material: Plastic

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Facial Clean,Blemish Removal

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Color: white

Certification: RoHS,CE

Brand Name: DearBeauty

Black dot: point noir

Beauty Pen: Mole Pointing Pen

Mole Removal Pen Needle Accessories Link:


Dear friends, we are the only manufacturer and developer of this product. Please look for the DearBeauty brand to avoid damage to your skin by buying fake and shoddy products. The specific functions and usage are explained at the bottom of the page

* If the diameter of the affected area is greater than 4mm, please consult a professional beautician or doctor.

* Do not touch the affected area with water for 15 days after use.

* This product must connect USB line to work,it is not wireless.

* Please use 5V 1A or 5V 2A universal adapters, do not use fast charging plugs (9V/12V voltage) to power on the product to avoid excessive product power and burn out the machine; also avoid the adapter power is too low (such as 5V 500ma) to drive the machine work.

Plasma Pen(A)-needs to be connected to a power source to work, not rechargeable version.

Skin Tag Remover Wart Berrugas Eliminator Lcd Plasma Pen Papillomas Electric Laser Removal Freckle Dark Spot Mole Cauterizer Kit


Material: ABS+copper needle
Color: white
Size: 15*2*2cm
Weight: 132g
Packing size: 19*8.1*3cm


1.Adopting ionized carbonization technology, our mole removal pen can accurately control the current, quickly dilute the melanin, and restore your flawless skin without hurting the skin, bleeding and side effects.

2.Unlike the traditional method of removing moles with drugs, this mole spotting pen uses physical spotting methods to safely and quickly get rid of moles, warts, granulation, freckles, age spots, tattoos, fat particles, etc.

3.Nine levels of adjustable scanning spot power output aim at different spots and moles, which are practical and reliable, and have a wider application range.

4.The needle with light design and LCD screen make the operation easier and more convenient, suitable for beauty salons, plastic surgery hospitals and home use.

5.Power is supplied through the USB port, and mobile phone adapters, computer USB sockets and power banks can all be powered.

6.Our beauty pen is compact, lightweight and portable, so you can use it during business trips or travel.

Packing List

1* Beauty Mole Removal Pen

1* USB Power Supply Line

5* Replace Needles

1* Chinese/English/Korean/Russian/French User Manual

Plasma Pen(B)-USB Rechargeable version

Mole Pointing Pen Beauty Pen Miniature Scanning Spot Spot Pen Tattoo Beauty Apparatus Nine Blocks with Blue Light Mole Spot Scanning Pen Beauty Mole Removal Pen LED Screen 9-speed Tattoo Removal Beauty Care Salon Household


Material: ABS

Color: Rose gold

Size: 17*2.5*2cm

Weight: 70g

Packing size: 19*10*3.5cm

Charging time: 2 hours

Working time: 1.5W

Standby current: 30UA

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Output power: 4W

Packing List

1* mole pen

1* big needle

5* fine needle

1* charging cable

1* English manual


1. Using ionization carbonization technology, microcomputer control, physical removal of moles, safely and quickly dilute melanin, restore flawless skin,

2. Quickly, safely and painlessly remove moles, granulation, spots, tattoos, etc., leaving no scars, no damage to the skin, no bleeding, no side effects.

3. Nine speed adjustment, precise control for different moles and spots, practical and reliable, and a wider range of applications.

4. The blue light has lighting and repair functions, can be used for spots and moles, and can be used to repair wounds.

5. The lightweight design of the needle and LCD screen make the operation easier and more convenient, suitable for beauty salons, plastic surgery hospitals and home use.

6. Our mole point pen is small and light, and it can be charged directly by USB cable. It is easy to carry and convenient to use on business or travel.

Plasma Pen(C)-USB Rechargeable version
Skin Care Laser Mole Tattoo Freckle Removal Pen LCD Sweep Spot Mole Removing Wart Corns Dark Spot Remover Salon Beauty Machine
Type:Spot Removal Pen
Material:ABS Plastic,SteelNeedle
Output Voltage: 5V
Weight:about 350g
Package Included:
1x Device;
3x Thick needles;
10x Thin needles;
1x needle head;
1x USB cable;
1x User manual
High-frequency voltage, no current feeling, no pain feeling.9 different levels of power can be adjust, simple and reliable.without electric shock, without hurting, without blooding.High capacity battery, It can work more than 5 hours after charging.
Remove moles,wart(verruca),freckle,spot,freck,fleshy nevus,tattoo
In addition to the spot:
Including the contact spot location moves back and forth slightly ,can be clearly found that the melanin in electric acupuncture after saul zoomb black fall off,if precipitation shallow spots ,area is lesser,,can a removal;if a larger area of pigmentation is deeper,it must be 2or 3 times to deal with more appropriate ,should also pay attention to the hairdrresser when using electric acupuncture treatment ,besides keeping customers pose,according to the hairdresser with the hand of electric acupuncture should balance the jitter ,lest cause burns when processing ,shades ,influence wound healing ,leave scar phenomenon.
Dot mole:
When dot mole ,pay special attention to distinguish the mole extent ,some mole grows on the skin surface layer ,and root growth of moles ,deep subcutaneous tissue ,including using the needle at a time when the end of the cut surface of moles ,the best wy to burn in small squares.If growth relatively deep mole ,besides should avoid inflammation after processed,had better be in 2to 3days before the wound healing nourishing cream coated with a small living cells,can prevent skin concave hole ,when wiping nutrition frost ,should pay attention to the wound with inflammation of the situation,if is nnot to wipe .
In addition to guranulation:
The electric acupuncture mouth slightly contact guranulation,derivative granulation root cells to radio needle burned to death .About a week after granulation can fall off on their own,such as granulation is small ,can use laser radio disposable needle burning breeding ground for granulation ,such as granulation is big ,the duty to burn for many times,lest affect wound healing.
In addition to tattoo and tattoo :
Generally burn tattoos and tattoo, its area is larger ,appropriate uses large needle,the method of burning tattoo tattoo,roughly the same as the scanning spot ,operating time may be slightly longer,the area is too large(more than 3cm) should deal with many times ,never one time.
Otherwise ,accidentally bacteria infection ,consequence is unimaginable,beautician and customer should be especially carefull ,if you have severe in flammation of the situation ,as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment.
Opreating Guide:
1.Power button ( ON/OFF):Long press (ON/OFF) button for 3 seconds switch, turned on the LCD display power and position ( default 1st); no operation in turned on, 30 secons off the screen, press any keys can be lit within 30 minutes without any operation of automatic shut down, short press (ON/OFF) key to toggle output power per one cell represents a file, there are five stalls can be adjusted.
2.Working key (OUT):Press (OUT) kee to start the work, the LCD screen flashes to indicate normal operation, release to stops working.
3.Protection:long press ( OUT) button for 2 minutes to stop the output device, if the need to continue to work, release (OUT) key, you can press again.
4.Display and Charge Description:Battery display per cell represents about 20% of the elrectricity whne the battery sign flashing, please charge; gear arragement is per represents a shift from the top down 1-5 stalls, successively increased; when the charge leave display will be followed by the beating, beating the full grid that is not longer full, the device automatically shut down after a full charge; black state at the time of charging press(ON/OFF) button lit LCD screen ( when the power is too low, the LCD backlight may not light temporatily, it is a normal phenomenon, a charge will be lit).

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