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Mini HIFU Machine Ultrasonic RF EMS HIFU Facial Lifting Skin Tightening Device Face Chin Neck Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager Home Use

Mini HIFU Machine Ultrasonic RF EMS HIFU Facial Lifting Skin Tightening Device Face Chin Neck Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager Home Use

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Working Principle: RF,EMS,Ultrasound Wave

Therapy 3: EMS Microcurrent

Therapy 2: Radio Frequency

Therapy 1: HiFu Ultrasonic

Size: 11.5*24.4*6.8CM

Power Source: Electric

Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Model Number: B-LMH210816

Material: Plastic

Item Type: Mini HIFU RF EMS Device,HiFu Facial Machine

Function 9: Remove Neck Wrinkle

Function 8: Remove Double Chin

Function 7: Remove Nasolabial Folds

Function 6: Remove Forehead Wrinkle

Function 5: EMS Importing Device

Function 4: Ultrasound RF Face Neck Lifting Device

Function 3: Skin Rejuveantion Massager

Function 2: Skin Lifting Wrinkle Remover

Function 11: Anti-Agiing, Firming Wrinkle Removal

Function 10: Remove Eyes Wrinkle

Function 1: Anti Wrinkle Tightening Device

Function: Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Anti Wrinkle,Lifting

Brand Name: foreverlily

Mini Hifu Machine


1.HIFU Ultrasonic. Can channel ultrasonic energy into the body and act on SMAS layer, effectively promoting collagen regeneration. By solve skin aging from the root, it restore skin elasticity, fade fine lines and lift facial contour.

2.Radio Frequency. Adopts high-frequency wave to directly heat up dermis layer, causing the elastic fibers within to shrink and the aged collagen to regain vitality.

3.EMS Microcurrent. Emits mild current to stimulate muscle in deep skin to repeatedly contact & relax. As a perfect simulation of hand massage, it can significantly promote muscle movement and improve skin firmness.

4.100% Enhanced Using Experience. We use enlarged massage head to cover more skin areas, 45°operation angle to perfectly fits the contours of multiple areas of face, and ergonomic handle to improve the handfeel.

5.Safe Care for Whole Face. As a beauty instrument using only physical treatments, it can be used on all skin types and tones, and applied on the entire face, including forehead, crow’s feet, nasal labial folds, jawline, etc.


1.Connect with a power.

2.Long press power button to open.

3.Press function button to choose a function.

4.Press gear button to adjust intensity.

5.Apply on face and use.

Note: please apply gel/essence on face before use.


People listed below are prohibited to use this product:

1.People with heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, and malignant tumors.

2.People who has a fever or an infectious/acute disease.

3.People during dental treatment.

4.People who is suffering from a decline in immunity due to a deficiency disease, such as AIDS patients or or those who are taking immunosuppressive drugs.

5.People with hemophilia, hemorrhagic disease, diabetes, facial neuralgia or abnormal perception and pain.

6.People with scar constitution, facial melanoderma, photoallergy, or pigment anomaly.

7.People with telangiectasia caused by chronic use of somatostatin drugs or liver dysfunction.

8.People with allergies, allergic dermatitis, skin diseases, sensitive skin or fragile skin.

9.People who have a history of epilepsy or feel uncomfortable because of flickering light.

10.People with head or eye sequelae caused by traffic accidents, etc.

11.People who have had eye surgery (consult your doctor if you had used laser in situ keratomileusis before).

12.Women who is pregnant or in physiology/lactation period.

Young children and those are unable to express themselves.


Item Type: Ultrasonic RF Instrument
Rated Power: 15W
Rated Current: 500MA
Output Frequency: 50-60HZ
Working Time: 10 Minutes
Weight: 165g
Size: 17.5*5.3*3cm/6.9*2.1*1.2in

Product Include

2*Main Machine

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